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We, the people of Neyveli

Bygones in the life are not just bygones. One mulls about it in different phases of their life. The memories reside in the heart. Some are vivid and some can be cherished once in while. No one can ever forget the root from where they came. It’s so fascinating to look back and cherish those feelings. This innate nature is so true in every human being.

“Whenever I see a bus No.199 in the Chennai roads, I stop for a while and pant at it. There is no meaning in it, as I never traveled in the bus for almost two decades and no one is there for me in the Bus. But it just shows my feeling”, says Karikalan a Manager in a Nationalized Bank in Chennai. He is away from Neyveli for more than 20 years. In his busy life, he always wants to go to Neyveli. But not able to do so. “I will definitely make it there”, his eye glows when he says this.

“The every day hustle and bustle of Mumbai reminds me of the calm and peaceful Neyveli”, says Sunandanan. A charted accountant in Mumbai, he visits once or twice in a year, as his parents still live in Neyveli.

In the water scant Chennai city, Rangaswami feels he lost the comfort of Neyveli. The huge source of water, which he used to in Neyveli, is just a distant dream here. Living in a crowded Nungambakkam area, life is just a glum for him.

“Having lived in Neyveli for more than 3 decades, I feel Chennai is not a place for me. I love gardening. I had nearly 20 trees in my township house. Here I can think only of potted plants and sharing the costly water with them is also a disputed affair in the house, though my son understands my feeling”, explains Rangaswamy.
He always thinks of living peacefully in Neyveli in his retirement days, but his love for Grand children still keeps him in Chennai.

The story continues….

There are so many people living in different parts of the world, who were born and brought up in Neyveli, still lingers with the thought about this peaceful town. Many families have their parents still in and around Neyveli and have the comfort of visiting the town once in a while. But for many others, they just only have feelings and thoughts.

The feeling needs to be shared and expressed to other. Many do not have a platform for it. Neyveliweb, being inherent part of Neyveli, creates a platform for its beloved Neyveli people to share their feelings.

“We, the people of Neyveli, is a conglomeration of Neyveli people on the Web.  Being part of the web in this diminished world boundaries, we can reach any one around the world. Just be a part of it and share your feelings. If you have a Website, link to our Neyveli web ring, so we can mutually benefit.


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”Lets stretch our wings in a boundary less world”