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There are so many people living in different parts of the world, who were born and brought up in Neyveli, still lingers with the thought about this peaceful town. Many families have their parents still in and around Neyveli and have the comfort of visiting the town once in a while. But for many others, they just only have feelings and thoughts.

The feeling needs to be shared and expressed to other. Many do not have a platform for it. Neyveliweb, being inherent part of Neyveli, creates a platform for its beloved Neyveli people to share their feelings.

“We, the people of Neyveli, is a conglomeration of Neyveli people on the Web.  Being part of the web in this diminished world boundaries, we can reach any one around the world. Just be a part of it and share your feelings. If you have a Website, link to our Neyveli web ring, so we can mutually benefit.

The Neyveliweb Ring

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