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The details of various R&D activities being carried out by NLC are given below:

Ash pond reclamation and possibilities of utilization of industrial waste for developing green cover

A joint project between NLC and Annamalai University for developing green cover in the abandoned ash pond area using advanced biological reclamation techniques. The objective of the project is to convert the wasteland into productive land by establishing green cover with suitable crops/soil ameliorants. Initial study indicates that the heavy metal leaching is negligible in the abandoned ash pond. In the second phase field trial Eucalyptus, Casurina, Coconut & Cashew nut are planted in ash pond-TPS-I and biometric observations are being recorded. Third and fourth phase field trial were completed with crops like sorghum, Gingelly, black gram, Bhendi, cluster bean, and with flower varieties respectively with different amendments. Ash and water samples collected are being analysed for heavy / trace elements. The mixing equipment and power tiller procured were installed and commissioned. Purchase action for the procurement of the other equipment approved for the project in progress.

Biotechnical conversion of lignite to humic acid

The project involves joint research work between CARD/NLC and Central Fuel Research Institute, Dhanbad under assistance from Department of Coal. The main objective of this project is microbial extraction of humic acid from lignite. Preliminary survey. Sample collection and isolation of micro-organisms were completed. Project research assistant posted and laboratory scale experiment are in progress using lignite and microbes. Humic acid developed from bio-technical method was tested at CFRI and results are encouraging. The equipment earmarked for the project such as electrolytic respirometer and electrophresis system purchased by CFRI are commissioned at CARD/NLC. Further studies are being carried out using the above equipment.

Development of cost effective High Performance highways using fly ash composite

The work is jointly carried out between Civil/CTO & CARD/NLC and Anna University, Chennai. The main objective of this project is to explore the possibility of using bulk ash in highways road. Samples were collected and analysed. The laboratory mix design trials are in progress at Anna University. After completion of mix design, the laying of experimental roads will be taken up. The equipment purchase is under progress.

Field studies on application of humic acid and crop response in various agro-climatic conditions

This is a joint project between CARD/NLC and Tamil Nadu Agricultrual University (TNAU). Humic acid is the plant growth stimulant extracted from lignite by chemical method at pilot plant at CARD. Project commenced from July’2000. First phase of field trials commenced at different agro-climatic conditions viz, Vridhachalam, Athur, Coimbatore, Bhavanisagar, Pollachi, Alandurai and crops like groundnut, sugarcane, paddy, green gram and black gram were tested with varying levels of humic acid. Application of humic acid increased the yield by 40% when compared to crops in groundnut samples harvested at Vriddhachalam. Field experiments were completed with Rice crop at Aduthurai, Cauvery Delta and significant yield increase was recorded for the application of humic Acid up to 30 Kgt/ha.

Bio-processing of lignite and bioremediation of its sulphur rich wastes for development of environment friendly value added products

This is a joint project between CARD/NLC and Indian Institute of technology, New Delhi. The main objective is to develop a technology to solubilise lignite by employing microbes, production of methane and microbiologically desulphurize bottom slag and marcasite so as to recover sulphur and microbiologically desulphurize lignite to reduce environmental pollution. Marcasite samples collected and sent to IIT, Delhi for further studies. Glass column microbial leaching study using the stains separated from mines is in progress. Purchase of equipment approved for the project is in progress.

Separation of marcasite from pulverised lignite using fluidized bed

The aim of the project is to study the effect of parameters namely, flow rate of phases, material characteristics and composition of lignite and dense particles on the separation of higher density material (eg. Marcasite) from lower density material (eg. Lignite) in a laboratory fluidized bed. The project proposal has been resubmitted to the SSRC Sub-Committee for consideration and approval.

Development of process for the production of Activated Carbon from Neyveli lignite

The project aims to develop a process for the conversion of Neyveli lignite tos powdered activated carbon involving reactive solids. It is proposed to optimize the process parameters for the conversion of Neyveli lignite to activated carbon to obtain process engineering data to design and scale up to commercial plant levels and to characterize and evaluate the product as per National and International Standards. The project aims to confirm techno-economic feasibility for commercial scale manufacture.