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Why it is a bias towards Temporary colonies?

With Township resembling like a posh upper class colony, the temporary settlements wear a shabby look without sanitation and facing various health hazards. Even though the colonies such as Thandavankuppam, Thedirkuppam and Mandarakuppam are called as Temporary settlements, they exist from the day NLC and Neyveli Township came into the picture. The irony is, those who came from far off places are enjoying the benefits of Neyveli Township, people who were living in Neyveli right from the day's of JumblingaMudaliar reside in this so called “temporary settlements” almost for nothing, as the land did not belong to them.

For the past one year, NLC is adopting an aggressive tactic in vacating their employees from these areas. Some employees though have their allotted houses in Township, live here making rent from their allotted houses. Many houses in these temporary colonies were demolished. Owls and anti-social elements use this demolished houses for their nocturnal activities much to the fear of the colony people. Already these temporary colonies have high rate of crime activities, adds woe to the people.

This recent activity of NLC without any reason is shocking and puzzles the colony people. Why is NLC doing this? If they want to vacate the whole colony, why can't they do it and allot places in some other areas rather than the current activities like demolishing some houses and inviting anti social problems? The colony people, who were already reeling under various civic problems, find it hard to understand the logistics of these aggressive tactics of NLC.

Take for instance the Thandavan Kuppam locality. It has a population of about 25,000 people. But it does not have proper sanitation or drainage facilities. The open latrine suffocates even the pass by people. Pigs roam freely causing various diseases. Why can't NLC take care of this colony when it is doing so many facilities for Township? Why NLC officials are showing blind eye towards the needs of these people? After all people in these area either directly or indirectly work for NLC. Many of these people are contract labors working in various fields of NLC. Many works are being done by these labors and they can be said as one of the backbones of NLC's day-to-day operations. Does not these workers at least deserve proper housing facilities? Is it not the duty of an organization to provide these to their hard working people? Even though the argument is made that these are temporary settlements and will be vacated any time, NLC needs the services of these people. In fact NLC can't run many of its operations without the contract labors. Why can't a permanent place be allotted, if not like township, at least with some basic facilities provided to them? 

It following fact will be hard to believe for any outsiders? But it's true. These colonies got complete electricity only in the mid eighties even though NLC is functioning from the fifties and supplying power to various parts of TamilNadu. This indicates how NLC officials had total bias towards these colonies even though they are doing so many benefits to the Township people. The chairmanship of Mr. M.P.Narayan was a memorable period for these colonies as many facilities like electricity, drinking water supply were given. Never before that or never after that any one cared about these people.  

How does these temporary colonies figure in NLC's scheme of things, in the future? Will these colonies going to be vacated totally? Will there be any improvements in the living conditions of these colonies? Future is just a question for these poor people.

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An article by A.Selvam - Editor -