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Cinema - The infection worm, in the society?

The assembly of about one lakh people in Neyveli, just to see the Film stars than to register their protest for Cauvery water is an indication of how much the films have infected the Tamil society. Among the mammoth crowd, very few had thoughts or feeling towards the actual problem, for which the agitation is taking place. Even the participants of the rally did not have any sympathy towards the problem. It has just become a show of strength in midst of political bickering in which the name of this peaceful town had been used.

But what is more disturbing is the capacity of the film stars to pull this much crowd when they are not in a position to solve the issue.

It can be said that it is the utter stupidity of the people to select a celluloid icon as the Chief minister or as their representative just based on their gimmicks in the film, not even considering his personal qualities for the top job. But the irony is that two chief ministers are from this film industry, just based on their glamour and established their charisma over the people.

A well thought out plan by the late M.G.R., saw him donning the role of a socially respectful character in all films, made him the chief minister of the state. People thought the person to be the same as he is in his movie characters. What M.G.R. had done for the state after he became the CM? How he maintained the same charisma, even though he did not do any major accomplishments? One wonders how to get answers for it. But the history is, he is the CM for over a decade, until his death.

In their day-to-day life, people suspect everyone, their friends and family members, even their spouses. But it is startling to note that they accept the celluloid stars as the heroes and ready to honor them as their representatives, without even suspecting their credentials.

Each actor has his own fan club and one wonders, what is the job of these fan clubs? What is their responsibility? At least do they have any responsibility? Who is the members of these fan clubs?

The youth and in particular those job less youth of the villages join these clubs in order to get some social status. Do they really get the social status by joining these clubs? Not so… But how people madly go behind these heroes. These jobless youth need some kind of identity and they easily associate with the fan club to get one.

Actors, in whose name these clubs are being formed, justify it saying that they are using their club for the social development and social works. What kind of social work these people can perform? After all they are the ruthless worms that needs to be eliminated from the society. They are the one who by showing violence and sex in the film spoil the society. Coming to the social works, how often social works are being performed by the clubs? Once in a year, on their birthday, as if it is the birthday of a mahatma. They distribute some eye wash gifts and get publicity based on this. In the remaining days of the year what is the responsibility of these clubs? They just paste the posters, flag up the banners & flags and do cutout works for the actor’s films whenever they are released. Thus the fan clubs are becoming the unpaid labor pulling centers for these actors. The youth are getting exploited due to the actor’s selfish needs. Many actors groom and develop these clubs, so that they would have a following behind them when they enter politics. Everyone has the moral right to enter the politics. So, film stars also have their right. But they should not exploit the innocence of the youth.

The Government should enact a law to stop this kind of exploitation. But we can hardly get such kind of laws as people at the helm are from the film industry and followed the same procedure to get that position. There lies the fate of the country. Until people understand and classify their politicians and heroes based on their personal qualities, we will get only inefficient leaders.  

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An article by A.Selvam - Editor -