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Recreation  - Does this word has any meaning in Neyveli?

The almost static population in Neyveli is devoid of any recreation spots. So, even Book fairs pull more crowds, often to kill time, than to buy books. One gets surprised, seeing the crowds at the book fair. Though the knowledge-based population of Neyveli is one reason for this crowd show, canteens get more income than the publishers. With almost no major recreation spots and just a handful of theatres in and around Neyveli, any event, which provides a tint of recreation flavor, is expected to pull more people.

If that is the case, why there are no major recreation spots in this area, even though it can pull crowd?

 Business people in this field point out to the static population of Neyveli town and adjoining areas. The inflow of immigrants is very less. The same set of people might get jaded to see the same entertainment over a period of time and hence the promoters can’t make money after a time phase. Unlike many towns, this industrial town has fewer immigrants, says People from the entertainment industry.

 But what happened to the recreation spots such as afforestation Boathouse and tour to the mines and Thermal stations which were prevalent during the past. Though the picnic around Mines and Thermal station is educative to the outsiders, Neyveli people may not be much thrilled about it. But the afforestation area, which is a good spot for recreation, has now been closed for Public. “The Boathouse and these areas, established using the NLC money has now become a property of NLC high officials and not available to the ordinary employees”, says an employee in anguish. Making a trip to Mines or Thermal station is not at all possible now.

 For many people making a Temple visit and shopping in Main Bazaar or Daily Bazaar is the major outing. Neyveli witnessed major developments under the chairmanship of Mr. Tandon & Mr.M.P.Narayanan. But the later chairman’s never made an impact. People hardly know who is their chairman, as it has become a musical chair. The parks in different blocks are hardly maintained now.  The well maintained parks of those days with lush green lawns have now become shrubs and houses different varieties of Reptiles. Each park, which had so many facilities for the elders and children, can be said as stories of the past. (The Main Bazaar Park has been renovated now. But many parks in different blocks needs the same treatment)

 It would be good if NLC develops some recreation spots. People won’t mind the cost, if is cost effective

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 An article by A.Selvam - Editor -